Data Analysts

Data analysts help process and report on contact center data. There are six places within Calabrio ONE where you can analyze data:

  • Standard QM reports
  • Standard WFM reports
  • Data Explorer
  • Insights
  • Calabrio Analytics
  • WFM Performance Manager

See Overview of reporting in Calabrio ONE for more information about each option and which ones best meet your needs.

QM and WFM standard reports

Data Explorer and Data Management

Data Explorer is usually the best tool for analyzing data because it gathers information across Calabrio ONE, including QM, WFM, and Analytics. Data Management gathers information from outside of Calabrio ONE.

Video Overview: Data Explorer | Get Started (length 4:40)


Insights replaces Data Explorer as the premium analysis and reporting tool for Calabrio ONE. Contact your Calabrio account manager for more information about moving to Insights.


Calabrio ONE Analytics processes data about the speech and text content of contacts and about programs agents use while handling contacts.

WFM Performance Manager

Performance Manager allows on-premise WFM customers to create their own WFM-only reports.