Customize pivot table data

You can customize how Insights readers view pivot tables so that they are easier to read and understand at a glance. You can choose to hide a pivot table's plus and minus icons, hide columns that only have a single-metric value, and hide collapsed columns from view. These options can help Insights authors remove clutter from their pivot tables and provide an easier reader experience for Insights users. This is not the same as choosing a pivot table layout. For more information on pivot table layout options, see Choosing a layout.

These options can also be accessed from the Combined row fields menu of a pivot table. The layout that you choose for your pivot table determines how this menu is accessed. For more information on accessing the Combined row fields menu, see .

To make changes to a pivot table's layout

  1. In the Format visual pane, choose Pivot options.

  2. In the Pivot options menu, select the following options to customize the view:

    • Hide +/– buttons – Hide the plus and minus icons from your pivot table.

    • Hide single metric – Hide columns that only have a single metric value.

    • Hide collapsed columns – Automatically hide all collapsed columns in a pivot table. This option is only available for tabular pivot tables.