Accessing Insights using keyboard shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate an Insights dashboard or analysis:

  • Use the TAB key to navigate among menu options or visuals.

  • Use the Shift+TAB keys to move backward to the previous selection.

  • Use the Enter key to select a visual or menu option.

  • Use the ESC key to clear the selection from a visual or menu item.

Using shortcuts within a visual

You can use the TAB, Shift+TAB, and Enter keys to navigate and select different fields within a selected visual. For example, say that you want to use a link that's a part of your visuals title. To do this, select the visual that you want, then use the TAB key until just the link is selected. Then, use the Enter key to click on the link.

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to navigate and enter the on-visual menu on the upper-right corner of a visual. To do this, select the visual that you want and use the TAB key to get to the field that you want to select. If you miss the field that you want, use the Shift+TAB keys to go back a field.