Create a view

Once you have created the question for your report, you are ready to customize how the data is visualized. You do this on the View tab in the Question panel.

By default, your report is presented as a table with your chosen measures as the columns and the data as the rows. This is what is displayed as you develop your question. On the View tab you can customize your table or select another view type.

When you select a view type, you can then select from a number of view options and styling choices. The options are dependent on the type of view you select. As you select options and customize your view, your choices are previewed in the report pane as you go.

Not all view types are appropriate for your report. You will need to consider what type of chart will work best with your data. Some charts are best at showing the relationship between several pieces of information, while others can better display trends over time. Some view types can handle multiple measures, while others can display only a single measure.

Available view types

The following are the currently available view types. Each view type has styling options to control labels, text, colors, and so on.

Styling Options

Once you have selected your view type and view option, you can further customize your chart with styling options. This section describes each available styling option.

NOTE   Not all styling options are available for every type of chart.