Work with formulas in Performance Manager

Create custom formulas to use in Performance Manager. The main step is to create a definition that consists of a description, settings, and the calculation itself. It is possible to select in what format to display the results.


  • You have the Performance Manager > Create Performance Manager report permission

Page location

Client > Performance Manager > View reports


Create new formula

  1. Click Show/hide object panel in the Report toolbar.
  2. Click Add formula at the bottom of the object panel area. The create formula view opens.
  3. Select the Definition tab.
  4. Add a definition:

    1. Set a description.

      • Add a measure name.
      • Select the Active check box.
      • Add a display name for the formula.
      • Set the solve order.
      • Select Treat NULL as zero if this applies.
    2. Define the calculation.

      • In the formula field, select the first measure to add to your formula in the drop-down list.
      • Select the type of calculation; add, subtract, divide or multiplicate.
      • Select the second measure, member property or constant to use.
      • Continue to add measures and types of calculation until the formula is done.
      • When the formula is done, select (none) in the next calculation box.

      NOTE   Calculations involving member properties might not return expected results.

    3. Set the format.

      • Select the Format tab.
      • Select from the various settings. For example, how many decimals the formula should have or if you want a $ or % sign.
    4. Select a font.

      • Select the Font tab.
      • Select font, size, and colors for the foreground and background.
  5. Click OK. The formula appears in the report and in the object panel area.

Edit a formula

  • In the object panel area, right-click the formula and select Edit.

Delete a formula

  • In the object panel area, right-click the formula and select Delete.

Deactivate a formula

  • In the object panel area, clear the check box next to the formula to deactivate (but not delete). The formula is then no longer visible in the report area

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