Working with field-level coloring in Insights

With field level coloring, you can assign specific colors to specific field values across all visuals in an Insights analysis or dashboard. Colors are assigned on a per-field basis to simplify the process of setting colors and ensure consistency across all visuals that use the same field. For example, let's say you're a shipping company that wants to create a set of visuals that track shipping rates in different regions. With field level coloring, you can assign each region a different color to represent the field across all visuals in an analysis or dashboard. This way, account readers quickly learn what field colors they're looking for and have an easier time finding the information that they need.

Insights authors can configure up to 50 field based colors per field. Colors that are defined at the visual level take precedence over field based colors. This means that if the author sets a color for a value on the visual, that color will override the field based colors configuration for that individual visual.

To apply field level coloring to a legacy account

  1. In the Fields pane of the analysis, choose the ellipsis (three dots) next to the field that you want to assign a color to, and then choose Edit field colors.

  2. In the Edit field colors pane that appears, choose the value that you want to assign a color to and choose the color that you want. You can apply colors to every value that appears in the Field values pane.

  3. When you are finished assigning colors to the fields that you want, choose Apply.

If you want to reset the color value of a field, open the Edit field colors pane and choose the refresh icon next to the field that you want to reset. You can reset all color values in an analysis by choosing RESET COLORS.

You can view a list of unused colors that can be configured to new fields by choosing Show unused colors in the Edit field colors pane. When you reset a field's color, the discarded color is added to the Unused colors list and can be assigned to a new field.