Exporting Insights analyses or dashboards as PDFs

You can export content from a dashboard into a Portable Document Format file (PDF). Similar to a print-out, this format provides a snapshot of the current sheet as it appears on-screen at the time of download.

To export a dashboard sheet as a PDF

  1. Choose Dashboards on the navigation pane at left.

  2. Open the dashboard that you want to export.

  3. At upper right, choose Export, Download as PDF. The download is prepared in the background.

    When the file is ready to download, a message appears saying Your PDF is ready..

  4. Choose Download now to download the file. Choose Close to close without downloading.

    If you close this dialog box without downloading the file and want to recreate the file, repeat the previous step. Also, the downloadable file is available only temporarily for five minutes. If you wait too long to download it, the file expires. If this happens, Insights instead displays an error message saying that the request has expired.

  5. Repeat the previous steps for each sheet that you want to export.

You can also attach PDFs to dashboard email reports. For more information, see Scheduling and sending reports by email.