Manage report email delivery

The Delivery page enables you to control the sending and receiving reports by email. The page has two sections:

Deliveries from others panel—This upper panel lists reports sent to you by other users. You might be the only recipient of the report, or you might be a member of a sharing group and receive a report that also goes to the other members of the group. You can opt out of receiving these reports.

Your deliveries panel—This lower panel lists reports that you set up to be delivered to other users. You can start or stop (turn on or off) the delivery of a report here. This allows you to set up reports in advance to their being needed. For example, a report that shows the progress of a sales campaign is turned on only when the campaign is in progress, and is turned off after the campaign is done. The report can then be turned on again when the next sales campaign starts.

Each panel displays the name of the report being delivered, who the recipients are, and what the delivery schedule is.

Deliveries are set up on the Data Explorer asset browser page.


  • Your organization has a Data Management license.

    IMPORTANT   Report email delivery is not available without a Data Management license.

  • You have the Delivery Management permission—allows you to opt in and opt out of receiving scheduled reports by email from other users and to start and stop the report deliveries to other users that you have set up.
  • You have the Report Delivery permission—allows you to configure and manage when and to whom a report that you own is emailed

Page location

Data Explorer > Settings > Delivery


Manage deliveries from others

NOTE   If a report is delivered to you at an email address outside of the email address used for you in Calabrio ONE, you cannot opt in or out of delivery to that address. This feature is available only for email addresses within Calabrio ONE.

  • To discontinue receiving report deliveries set up by other users, select the Opt-out check box and click Save.
  • To restart delivery, clear the Opt-out check box and click Save.

Manage your own deliveries

  • To turn on a report’s delivery, select the On/Off check box and click Save.
  • To turn off a report’s delivery, clear the On/Off check box and click Save.

Delete one of your own deliveries

  • Select the delivery you want to delete and click in the lower left corner of the Your deliveries panel, and then click Save.

Cancel changes you make to the page

  • Click the Revert button to cancel any changes you make to the Delivery page. You must do this before you save your changes. After your changes are saved, you cannot revert them.

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