Line and marker styling on line charts in Insights

In Insights line charts, you have multiple options to emphasize what you want readers to focus on: color, line style, and markers. You can use these options together or separately to help readers understand your line charts more quickly under different circumstances. For example, if some of your readers won't see color differences—perhaps because of color blindness or because of monochrome printing—you can use line patterns to distinguish one ore more lines in a chart.

In other cases, you could use step lines to call attention to abrupt changes or intervals between changes in data. For example, let's say you build a chart showing the changing price of postage stamps in the US, and you want to emphasize the amount of increase in price over time. You can use a step line, which remains flat between data points until the next price change occurs. The data story about abrupt increases in price is more clear to the reader with a step line. If you wanted to show a story of gradual change over time, you'd be more likely to style the line with a smooth slope instead.

To customize the styling for a visualization

  1. Open your analysis, and choose the chart that you want to format.

  2. On the top right of the visual you want to format, select Format visual, which is represented by a pencil icon.

  3. At left, choose Data series.

  4. Choose one of the following options:

    • Base style – to edit the styling of all lines and markers on the chart

    • Select series to style – to edit the styling of the field that you choose from the list

    Different options display depending on how many compatible fields are in the visual.

  5. Toggle Line to turn line styling on or off.

    You can customize the following line options:

    • The weight or thickness of the line.

    • The style of the line: solid, dashed, or dotted.

    • The color of the line.

    • The type of line that it is: Linear, Smooth, or Stepped.

  6. Toggle Marker to turn marker styling on or off.

    You can customize the following marker options:

    • The weight or thickness of the marker.

    • The style of the marker: circle, triangle, square, diamond, and so on.

    • The color of the marker.

  7. For Axis, choose whether to display the axis on the left or the right.

  8. Your changes are saved automatically.

  9. (Optional) To undo customizations, choose one or more of the following options:

    • To undo one change, click the undo arrow at top left. Repeat as needed. There is also a redo arrow.

    • To reset the base style for a data series, select Base style and then click Reset to default.

    • To remove all styling from a data series, listed in Styled series, select a field and then click Remove styling.