Legends on visual types in Insights

The visual legend helps you identify what a visual element represents by mapping its value to a color. By default, the visual legend displays to the right of the visual. You can choose to hide or display the visual legend, and format the legend title and position.

To display or hide a visual legend

  1. On the analysis page, choose the visual that you want to format.

  2. At the visual's right, for Menu options ( ), choose Hide legend or Show legend to hide or show the visual legend.

    When shown, the legend displays the values in alphabetical order.

To customize a visual legend

  1. At the visual's right, choose Format Visual ( ).

  2. In the Format Visual pane, expand the Legend section. In this section, you can format the legend title and position.

  3. Choose the X icon at upper right to close the Format Visual pane.