Create your own reports with Data Explorer

Data Explorer allows you to create your own reports and dashboards. The Data Explorer page includes a list of default reports and dashboards that you can use as is, or use as templates to get you started on developing your own.

A report is a tool that you use to answer a business question. For example, you can create a report that tells you what your total sales were last year or how many contacts an agent transferred between June and August. Using Data Explorer, you can define the question that your report will answer.

Once you have report data that gives you targeted, useful information, you can configure a chart or table to present that information in a visual format that is easy to understand. Charts can display a single piece of information, like a headline, or show trends and relationships between several complex metrics.

Reports can be grouped by theme or subject in dashboards. Dashboards provide a wealth of information at a glance and can reveal new or hidden relationships between different kinds of data.

IMPORTANT   The amount and complexity of reports in Data Explorer dashboards can affect performance. For optimal performance, limit the number of complex reports included on your Data Explorer dashboards.