Base maps on geospatial maps in Insights

When you create a map visual in Insights, you can change the base of the map. A base map is the style of map that appears beneath your data on a map. An example is a satellite view versus a street view.

In Insights, there are four options for base maps: light gray canvas, dark gray canvas, streets, and imagery. An example of each appears following:

  • Light gray canvas

  • Dark gray canvas

  • Streets

  • Imagery

Changing base maps

Use the following procedure to change a base map.

To change a base map

  1. Create a point or filled map in an analysis. For more information, see Creating maps and geospatial charts.

  2. On the map visual, choose the Format visual icon.

  3. In the Format visual pane that opens at left, choose the Base map section and then choose the base map that you want.