Work with the data library

The Data Library page (Data Explorer > Data Library) enables you to work with the data in your information space.

NOTE   You must be the owner of the data library and its collections, data sets, and data contributions in order edit or delete them. Other users are limited in what they can do with the data library you own.

An information space is an encyclopedia of all associated Calabrio ONE data, data model information, and content. Think of the information space as a folder that includes the following elements:

  • Data library
  • Data sets
  • Data set contributions
  • Data collections
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

This diagram illustrates how an information space is organized.

The Data Library page allows you to interact with the data collections, data sets, and data set contributions you have access to. Your access depends on the permissions associated with your role.

The controls on the Data Library page allow you to take the following actions:

  • Upload a data file to create a data set or add contributions to a data set
  • Browse, manage, and delete data sets and data set contributions
  • Create, manage, delete, and share data collections
  • Launch the Data Modeler to start a data modeling session
  • Assign tags to data collections and data sets
  • Configure, manage, and review tasks to run data connectors