Set your homepage

Data Explorer includes many predefined reports and dashboards that any user can set as a homepage. For example, if you use QM, you can set the Widgets - QM Only dashboard as your homepage.

Data Explorer tags default reports and dashboards by product, so you can search for relevant reports and dashboards by product tag: WFM, CWFM, QM, or Analytics.

NOTE   Dashboards and reports show only data that is within your scope. For example, if another user shares a report comparing the average evaluation scores of Team A and Team B, but you have scope over just Team A, the report does not show any data for Team B.

You can set only one dashboard or report at a time as your homepage.


  • Data Explorer permission—gives you read-only access to the Data Explorer asset browser page

Page location

Data Explorer or Data Explorer > Reports


Set a dashboard or report as your homepage

  1. Navigate to the Data Explorer asset browser page.
  2. Right-click a dashboard or report listed in the asset browser.
  3. Click Set as homepage. Data Explorer marks the dashboard or report with a red homepage icon and the selected report or dashboard becomes your homepage.