Share reports and dashboards

After you create a report or dashboard, you can allow other users to access it. When sharing a report or dashboard, you control what the other users can do with it—view, copy, or edit it.

NOTE   Reports and dashboards show only data that is within your scope. For example, if another user shares a report comparing the average evaluation scores of Team A and Team B, but you have scope over just Team A, the report does not show any data for Team B.

You can share only the reports and dashboards you own. To share one that has been shared with you, create a copy of it.


  • Data Explorer permission—gives you read-only access to the Data Explorer asset browser page
  • Content Publishing permission—enables you to share reports and dashboards that you own to sharing groups you belong to

Page location

Data Explorer or Data Explorer > Reports


Share a report or dashboard

  1. Right-click the report or dashboard you want to share on the asset browser page.
  2. Click Share. The Sharing dialog box opens.
  3. Select the level of permission that you want to assign to other users who belong to one of the groups listed. The following table describes the permission levels available.

    Permission Description


    Other users cannot view the item. This permission is the default choice for all the groups listed.


    Other users can view the item.


    (Reports only) Other users can change filters, groups, and other report elements but cannot save changes.

    Save As

    Other users can make changes and save a copy of the item. They cannot overwrite the original item.


    Other users have full permission to change and overwrite the original item. Note that there is no audit trail that shows who edited the item or what was changed.

  4. Click OK.

The Shared To column on the asset browser page now displays with whom the item is shared.