Missing data on visual types in Insights

You can customize how missing data points are visualized in your line charts and area charts. You can choose to have your missing data points appear in the following formats:

  • Broken line: A disjointed line that breaks when a data point is missing. This is the default missing data format.

  • Continuous line: Displays a continuous line by skipping over the missing data point and connecting the line to the next available data point in the series.

  • Show as zero: Sets the value of the missing data point to zero.

To customize a visual's missing data settings

  1. On the analysis page, choose the visual that you want to format.

  2. Choose the Format visual icon in the upper right corner of the visual to access the Format visual menu.

  3. Open the Y axis pane of the format visual menu and navigate to the Missing data section.

  4. Select the missing data format that you want.