Create reports in Performance Manager

The report tree shows a list of all the available reports created in Performance Manager. Create your own reports based on the available WFM data or delete existing reports.


  • You have the Performance Manager > Create Performance Manager report permission

Page location

Client > Performance Manager > View reports


Create report

  1. Click Create report in the report tree.
  2. Enter a report name.
  3. Click New report in the report toolbar.
  4. The new report is displayed with a schema tree to the left. An empty pivot table is automatically shown in the report area.

    See Add measures and dimensions in Performance Manager for more information on how to add dimensions and measures to a report.

Copy a report

  1. Select the report to copy.
  2. Click Save as in the Report toolbar.
  3. Enter the name of the new report and click OK.
  4. You are now in edit mode of the new report. Edit the report and Save your changes. The new report is listed in the report list to the right.

NOTE   When using the Save as option, you can either choose to save the report in the Shared reports folder or in the My reports folder. The reports in both the Shared reports folder and the My reports folder are available for all Performance Manager users. Reports saved in the My reports are indicated by a * after the report name.

Delete a report

NOTE    It is not possible to undo the deletion.

  1. Click Delete mode to switch to delete mode ON. All report links are shown in red.
  2. Select the report to delete.
  3. When you are done deleting reports, click Delete mode OFF.

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