WFM and NICE WFM Terminology Guide

This terminology guide translates NICE WFM terms to Calabrio ONE WFM terms that are comparable, equivalent, or similar. Use this guide to acclimate yourself and your team to Calabrio ONE WFM.

General Format

Entries in this terminology guide are formatted in the following way.

[word 1] • [word 2]
This means [word 1] in NICE WFM is comparable to [word 2] in Calabrio ONE WFM.

NOTE   There are also entries that compare multiple words to each other.
For example, description, notenotes.
This means both description and note in NICE WFM are comparable to notes in Calabrio ONE WFM.

Below is an example of an entry and an explanation of its structure.

  1. Is a NICE WFM term.

  2. Is a term in Calabrio ONE WFM that is being compared to the NICE WFM term.

  3. A general definition that is true for both the NICE and Calabrio ONE terms.

  4. NICE: denotes additional information about the term that only applies to the the NICE term.

  5. Calabrio ONE: denotes additional information about the term that only applies to the Calabrio ONE term.

  6. The location of the feature, field, or component in Calabrio ONE.

    EXAMPLE   If the location of the feature, field, or component is only in the WFM client, look for the text "(WFM client)."
    skillskill, workload
    NICE: Skills route contacts to a group of agents who can best meet the contact's needs. Each skill delivers contacts through one channel, such as voice or email.
    Calabrio ONE: Skills route contacts to a group of agents who can best meet the contact's needs. Skills connect agents with workloads. A workload is a set of data that indicates the volume of calls, emails, or other work that is performed by agents and scheduled in WFM. Agents must be assigned skills in WFM in order to be scheduled.

    Create and edit skills in Forecasts (WFM client).

    Assign skills to agents in People.

NOTE   Parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 may or may not appear in a term’s entry depending on the term.

Types of terms

The purpose of this document is to guide you through potential areas of confusion specific to terminology when transitioning from NICE WFM to Calabrio ONE WFM. People can get confused because the words in question are homonyms or synonyms. Learn more below about how these types of words are handled in this guide.

Type Description
Homonyms Homonyms are words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings. Sometimes NICE WFM and Calabrio ONE WFM use the same term but the term is applied in very different ways. A real-world example is bark, which means a tree’s outer layer and the sound a dog makes.
EXAMPLE   data retentiondata retention
NICE: Allows you to save data past the default retention period.
Calabrio ONE: In WFM, data retention policies focus on retaining data after an agent’s employment has ended. They are configured during installation. Contact Support if you need to update your retention policy.

Synonyms Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or a phrase. Sometimes NICE WFM and Calabrio ONE WFM use different words that have the same or similar meanings. A real-world example of a synonym is big, which is synonymous with large and huge. You can use big, large, or huge to describe a skyscraper, and the meaning remains the same no matter which of the three words you use.
EXAMPLE   Agent WebstationMyTime
NICE: Agent Webstation/Supervisor Webstation is a space for agents or supervisors to view and edit schedules, edit settings, request schedule changes, and view notifications.
Calabrio ONE: MyTime is an employee empowerment tool where employees can view their schedules, make changes to their schedules, request time off, view their reports, and manage messages and settings. Requests can be automatically approved based on predefined rules or approved manually by your team leader or a resource planner.
View your schedule and much more in MyTime.
Same word same meaning With all these homonyms and synonyms, it’s easy to get tripped up. That’s why it’s good to know when something means exactly what you think it means. You can rest easy whenever you see these terms in Calabrio ONE. These are typically universal terms in the workforce optimization industry, so there are no surprises here.
EXAMPLE   rolesroles
A set of permissions that control what features and data a user can access.

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