Focus on visual elements

When viewing visuals, you can choose data that you want to focus on or exclude.


  • Your organization has a subscription to Calabrio Insights.
  • You have the Author permission.

Page location

Insights > Analyses > Click an analysis


Focus on one data element

  1. Click the element (for example, a bar or column header).
  2. Select Focus only on from the drop-down list. The visual updates, and Insights creates a filter that includes only the data you selected.

Remove the filter

  • In the Filters panel, click the three dots next to the filter name and select Disable or Delete from the drop-down list.
  • If adding the filter was the most recent action you did, you can also click Undo to remove the filter.

Change the color of a visual element

  1. Click the element (for example, a bar or slice in a chart).
  2. Select Color from the drop-down list and select the color.

If a visual has a legend that shows categories (dimensions), you can also click an item in the legend to perform a variety of actions, including the following:

  • Focusing on, or excluding, visual elements
  • Changing colors of visual elements
  • Drilling down into a hierarchy
  • Custom actions activated from the menu, including filtering or URL actions

The following screenshot shows how to use the legend for focusing on, or excluding, a dimension.

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