Interact with maps

When you view a map visual in an Insights analysis or published dashboard, you can interact with it to explore your data. By default, map visuals are always zoomed based on the underlying data.


  • Your organization has a subscription to Calabrio Insights.
  • You have the Reader or Author permission.

Page location

Insights > Dashboards or Analyses > Click a dashboard or analysis


Pan in a map visual

  • Click anywhere on the map visual and drag your cursor in the direction that you want to pan the map.

Zoom in or out in a map visual

  • Click Zoom in (the plus icon) or Zoom out (the minus icon) at bottom right of the map. Or you can double-click the map to zoom in and shift-double-click to zoom out.

Zoom back to all the data

  • Click the Zoom to data icon. This icon appears when you pan or zoom in on a map.

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