Sharing and subscribing to data in Insights

A dashboard is a read-only snapshot of an analysis that you can share with other Insights users for reporting purposes. A dashboard preserves the configuration of the analysis at the time you publish it, including such things as filtering, parameters, controls, and sort order. The data used for the analysis isn't captured as part of the dashboard. When you view the dashboard, it reflects the current data in the data sets used by the analysis.

When you share a dashboard, you specify which users have access to it. Users who are dashboard viewers can view and filter the dashboard data. Any selections to filters, controls, or sorting that users apply while viewing the dashboard exist only while the user is viewing the dashboard, and aren't saved after it's closed. Users who are dashboard owners can edit and share the dashboard, and optionally can edit and share the analysis. If you want them to also edit and share the data set, you can set that up in the analysis.

A shared dashboard can also be embedded in a website or app, if you are using Enterprise edition. For more information about embedded dashboards, see Working with embedded analytics.

Use the following sections to learn how to publish and share dashboards, subscribe to threshold alerts, and send and subscribe to dashboard email reports.