Configure Analytics

Use the Analytics Configuration page to set up tenant-wide Analytics parameters for dashboard sharing, length of data retention, or data capture intervals.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • Your organization has either the Desktop Analytics license or the full Analytics license.
  • You have at least one of these permissions:
    • Administer Speech Analytics
    • Administer Speech to Text Analytics
    • Administer Desktop Analytics
    • Administer Text Analytics
  • You need Analytics dashboard(s) available if you choose to share them

Page location

Application Management > Analytics > Analytics Configuration


Share dashboards

Select the Enable dashboard sharing check box to share Analytics dashboards. Dashboards that are shared can be viewed by all users.

Configure the length of data retention

Use the Analytics Data fields to configure the length of time in days, months, or years that you want to retain Analytics data.

When the Index Maintenance task runs, Calabrio ONE clears Analytics data that is older than the retention period you set.

NOTE   By default, the Index Maintenance task runs at 2:00 AM. The system administrator can reschedule the Index Maintenance task to run at a different time on the Task Management page.

Reducing a retention period after it has been initially set can result in the deletion of data. Increasing a retention period will result in a larger use of storage space. Changing this value should be considered carefully. The default maximum data retention period is 24 months. However, your system administrator can raise or lower this default value as required for your company.

Set desktop capture interval

Use the Minutes field under Desktop Capture Data Upload to choose the interval, in minutes, at which desktop capture data is uploaded. The default interval is 10 minutes.

NOTE   Desktop capture data is uploaded at the specified interval even if the user is not logged in.

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