Saving changes to an analysis

When working on an analysis, you can set Autosave either on (the default) or off. When Autosave is on, your changes are automatically saved every minute or so. When Autosave is off, your changes are not automatically saved, which means that you can make changes and pursue different lines of enquiry without permanently altering the analysis. If you decide that you want to save your results, re-enable Autosave. Your changes up to that point are then saved.

In either Autosave mode, you can undo or redo up to 200 changes that you make by choosing Undo or Redo on the application bar.

Change the Autosave mode for an analysis

  1. Click Autosave.

  2. Click Autosave ON or Autosave OFF.

One of the following scenarios might occur:

  • Autosave is on and another user makes a conflicting change to the analysis.

  • Autosave is on and there is a service failure, so you cannot save your most recent changes.

  • Autosave is off, you turn it on, and one of the backlogged changes being saved to the server conflicts with another user's changes.

In this case, Insights gives you the option to do one of two things. You can either let Insights turn Autosave off and continue working in unsaved mode, or reload the analysis from the server and then redo your most recent changes.

If your client authentication expires while you are editing an analysis, you are directed to sign in again. On successful sign-in, you are directed back to the analysis where you can continue working normally.

If your permissions on the analysis are revoked while you are editing it, you cannot make any further changes.