Drill down from group to team to person

If you have a report that displays data by group, Data Explorer automatically allows you to drill down from Group to Team to Person. This is a great way to allow people to start with a high-level view and dig into the areas they need to see more detail on.

Any time you group by Group, you will have this drill-down functionality available in your report.

How does it work?

Create a report grouped by Group.

Hover your mouse over one of the group names in your report and click the symbol that appears.

Now you’ll see data broken down for each team within the group you clicked. You can tell where you are in the hierarchy by the breadcrumb trail shown at the top of your report.

Do you want to drill down further? Click the symbol next to one of the teams to see data for each person who is a member of that team.

If you want to zoom back out, click the X next to the team or group in the breadcrumb trail above your report.