Learn more about Calabrio ONE with TIP

With TIP, users receive timely contextual assistance based on their needs. This content sits within the application, giving users the advice they need when they need it. Use TIP to ease onboarding, learn about changes in the product, hear important announcements, and develop your Calabrio ONE skills.

Video Overview: TIP - Get Inspired (length 1:46)

Information in TIP varies based on the Calabrio ONE permissions you have. Agents do not see as much content as administrators.

Below is what a typical agent sees in TIP: only the onboarding tours relevant to that specific page in Calabrio ONE.

By contrast, below is what a typical administrator sees in TIP: in addition to the onboarding tours, administrators also see information about new features, announcements from Calabrio, and the TIP of the month.

TIP cannot be turned off for individual users or roles.


  • Your organization uses Calabrio ONE Cloud
  • Your organization does not use an OEM or white-labeled version of Calabrio ONE

Page location

All pages > light bulb icon (lower right corner of the page)


Access TIP

  • Click the light bulb icon (lower right corner of the page). TIP opens, showing up to four different sections.

    To do this Go to this section in TIP
    Take an orientation tour

    Get Started

    This section is designed for people new to Calabrio ONE. Tours vary by page and are tied to users’ permissions.

    Orientation tours are available in several languages based on the user’s browser settings. See Localization and supported languages for a list of available languages.

    Learn about new features and read release notes

    Release Updates

    This section contains descriptions and tours of select new features plus a link to the full release notes. These updates are hidden from users who have only agent-type permissions.

    Stay current on information from Calabrio


    This section covers recent updates, events, and more. Many of these announcements are hidden from users who have only agent-type permissions.

    Develop your skills

    TIP of the Month

    The monthly tips are designed to help people who have experience using Calabrio ONE take their knowledge to the next level. These updates are hidden from users who have only agent-type permissions.

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