Performance Manager tool

Create your own reports in the Performance Manager tool to analyze the WFM results and review the goals in the contact center. The report content is based on a set of dimensions and measures available in the cube. Choose the dimensions and measures to work with and customize the pivot tables, charts and scorecards to display them. Use filters to narrow the data you want to analyze. The reports can be exported to Excel.

Performance Manager is based on a multidimensional database cube. It makes it possible to view data from different perspectives, in different combinations and drill down to details in different areas of interest.

The tool uses multidimensional storage through OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) technology. The data is based on the same data mart as the data in the standard reports. This data is processed into an OLAP multidimensional data cube.

The Performance Manager main view has different panels. On the left is a list of the available reports. Next to that is the schema tree that displays all accessible data; dimensions, measures, and KPIs. The report toolbar is at the top of view. It gives access to various functions. The report area in the middle shows the currently selected report, normally a pivot table. On the right you'll find the object panel area, where you can define your own formulas.

NOTE   The Performance Manager module requires the optional Performance Manager license and is available for on premise installations only.

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