Adding one-click interactive filters

One-click interactive filtering provides point-and-click filtering that cascades from the clickable visual to all the other visuals and insights on a sheet. Add this to your analysis to start with summaries and drill down into the metrics, all within the same dashboard sheet.

After you set this up, when you click a data point (for example, a point in a line chart), you instantly filter using all mapped fields on all the other visuals on that sheet. If you have multiple datasets, all target fields must be mapped for this to work. Also, you can only have one action that works by clicking a data point; all other actions work from the context menu.

Use the following procedure to create a one-click filter in an analysis.

To create a one-click filter on a visual or insight

  1. In your analysis, choose a visual or insight that you want to add interactive filtering to.

  2. Choose Actions at left.

  3. Choose Filter same-sheet visuals. Doing this immediately adds one-click filtering.

  4. Repeat this process for each visual that you wish to make interactive.