Enable the Desktop Analytics extension in your browser

Smart Desktop must be installed on your computer and activated before you can mark fields. Users who have permission to administer fields for Desktop Analytics using the Field Manager page and on the agents’ desktops where Smart Desktop is installed must have the appropriate Desktop Analytics browser plug-in configured for the browser they use.


Smart Desktop is installed and activated on your computer.


Enable the Desktop Analytics extension in Internet Explorer

The Desktop Analytics plug-in is automatically installed and enabled when Smart Desktop is installed. No further action is required.

NOTE   When agents are using Internet Explorer, the Desktop Analytics Plug-in/Extension will not capture field-level events on pages that render in document modes before Internet Explorer 8.

Enable the Desktop Analytics extension in Firefox

The first time you log in to Calabrio ONE using Firefox, you see a dialog box telling you to install the Calabrio Browser Extension. Select Allow this installation and click Continue. No further action is required.

Enable the Desktop Analytics plug-in in Microsoft Edge Chromium

In Edge Chromium, go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/calabrio-analytics-plugin/hecgknieibccghjmmhhckdfeobjoffdf and click Add to Chrome.

NOTE   The plug-in does not support Internet Explorer compatibility mode.

Enable the Desktop Analytics plug-in in Chrome

Download and install the Calabrio Analytics Plug-in, version The plug-in is located at:


NOTE   If clicking the link does not work, copy the URL and paste it into your browser.

Enable the Desktop Analytics plug-in for UJET in Chrome

If your organization uses a UJET ACD integration, download and install the Calabrio Analytics Plug-in for Chrome and Edge located at:


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