Search the asset browser by tag

You can search the asset browser by any tag. If you are searching by product tag, you can only see tags for products you are licensed to use. For example, if you only have a QM license, you will only see predefined items that have a QM tag, not items that have a WFM or an Analytics tag.

NOTE   Depending on the WFM license you have, WFM fields are tagged with WFM (for new WFM) or CWFM (for classic WFM).


  • Data Explorer permission—gives you read-only access to the Data Explorer asset browser page

Page location

Data Explorer or Data Explorer > Reports


Search for reports and dashboards by tag

  1. On the asset browser page, click the search icon, and then select Search tags.
  2. In the search field, type the desired tag. Data Explorer shows only reports and dashboards tagged with this value.

    NOTE   If the tag name is multiple words separated by spaces, enclose the name with double quotes. For example, to search for Agent East Coast, enter “Agent East Coast”.