Table calculation functions

When you are analyzing data in a specific visual, you can apply table calculations to the current set of data to discover how dimensions influence measures or each other. Visualized data is your result set based on your current dataset, with all the filters, field selections, and customizations applied. To see exactly what this result set is, you can export your visual to a file. A table calculation function performs operations on the data to reveal relationships between fields.

In this section, you can find a list of the functions available in table calculations that you can perform on visualized data in Insights.

To view a list of functions sorted by category, with brief definitions, see Functions by category.


  • Difference

  • distinctCountOver

  • Lag

  • Lead

  • percentDifference

  • avgOver

  • countOver

  • maxOver

  • minOver

  • percentileOver

  • percentileContOver

  • percentileDiscOver

  • percentOfTotal

  • periodOverPeriodDifference

  • periodOverPeriodLastValue

  • periodOverPeriodPercentDifference

  • periodToDateAvgOverTime

  • periodToDateCountOverTime

  • periodToDateMaxOverTime

  • periodToDateMinOverTime

  • periodToDateSumOverTime

  • stdevOver

  • stdevpOver

  • varOver

  • varpOver

  • sumOver

  • denseRank

  • Rank

  • percentileRank

  • runningAvg

  • runningCount

  • runningMax

  • runningMin

  • runningSum

  • firstValue

  • lastValue

  • windowAvg

  • windowCount

  • windowMax

  • windowMin

  • windowSum