Create a Data Explorer dashboard

A dashboard is a collection of reports that share a common theme or focus. Use the Data Explorer dashboards to provide a high-level picture of a business situation. Dashboards are generally created to track business changes, watch for warning signs, or monitor progress.

A dashboard consists of panels that can include any of the following elements:

  • Charts or tables from a report
  • Parameter controls for a chart or table
  • Webpages
  • Lists
  • Text
  • Images
  • WFM or QM widgets

Creating a dashboard

To create a dashboard, click the New Dashboard button on the Data Explorer page. The dashboard designer opens.

The dashboard designer includes a grid that allows you to design and configure the layout of your dashboard, a button that toggles the display between Preview Dashboard and Edit Dashboard, and the Dashboard Control dialog box as seen in the following image.

Button Description

Add Panels

Includes a selection of panels that display reports, text, images, widgets, and parameter controls.


Links panels with parameter controls to panels displaying report visualization so the reports can be filtered on the dashboard.

Grid Settings

Controls the display and configuration of the dashboard grid.

Page Settings

Creates a title for the dashboard and configures the dashboard display.


This button is not used at this time. To cancel the creation of a dashboard, click Cancel in the upper right corner of the dashboard designer.

Save/Save As

Save dashboard as the title configured in Page Settings or save as a different name.

NOTE   The standard dashboards that come with Calabrio ONE cannot be edited. However, you can save a standard dashboard with a different name (Save As) and edit the copy.