Changing fields used by a visual in Insights

You can add or modify fields for a visual by using the Fields list pane, the field wells, or the on-visual editors or drop targets on the visual.

The field wells, on-visual editors, and drop targets available for a specific visual depends on the visual type selected. For details, see the appropriate visual type topic in the Visual types in Insights section.

IMPORTANT   You can also change the data type and format of numeric fields by using field wells and on-visual editors. If you change a field in this way, it changes for the selected visual only.

Use the following topics to learn more about adding, removing, and modifying fields on a visual.


  • Using visual field controls

  • Adding or removing a field

  • Changing the field associated with a visual element

  • Changing field aggregation

  • Changing date field granularity

  • Customizing a field format