MyTime tool

Video Overview: Navigating MyTime (length 02:30)

MyTime is a tool for agents to view their schedule, and to make changes like move their break or lunch. In MyTime, the agents can request to have time off, to work extra hours, or to trade shifts with other agents. These requests can be automatically approved based on predefined rules or approved by your team leader or a resource planner. Grant, the virtual assistant, can notify the agents when voluntary time off or overtime is available and help them request it through a conversational flow.

In the longer perspective, agents can give their input on how and when they prefer to work by entering their availability, your preferences, or by bidding on shift patterns.

MyTime is provided as both a web-based tool and as iOS and Android apps. The apps help the agents stay informed of any changes to their schedule or to make changes themselves, also when they are not at work.


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