Request to work extra hours

Send an overtime request to request to work extra hours, on top of what you are already scheduled to work. The overtime requests you send are either manually handled by a supervisor or automatically approved or denied based on a set of validations.

In the MyTime schedule week view there are indications of how likely it is for you to get an overtime request for a specific day approved. It's shown as a bar next to the shift. Click Staffing info and select Show overtime probability to show the bars. Green means it's very likely that you work extra for that interval, and yellow means the chances are low.

You can also use Grant, the chatbot, to request to work extra hours today. Click the speech bubbles icon in the top bar to open the chat window. Grant guides you through the process.

NOTE   Requests to work extra hours on days where you already have a full-day absence are automatically denied.


  • You have the MyTime > Overtime request permission.
  • To see the probability to work extra hours, you have the MyTime > View staffing info permission.
  • To enter a subject or message, you have the MyTime > Free text in requests permission.
  • A period is open for overtime requests in your workflow control set.
  • A multiplicator definition set is connected to your contract.

Page location

WFM > MyTime > Requests tab


Request to work extra hours

Send an overtime request to request to work extra hours.

  1. Select Overtime request.
  2. Select an Overtime type from the drop-down menu. The overtime type defines the type of compensation you get for working overtime.
  3. Click the calendar buttons and use the calendar view to select a Start date and End date.
  4. Set a Start time and End time for the overtime request.
  5. Enter a Subject for the overtime request and then write your Message.
  6. Click Save to send your request.

Follow up on an overtime request

Use the request list to follow up on your overtime request. In the request list you can also delete a request.

  • For more information on how to follow up on a request and reply to a message from the administrators, or delete your request, see View your requests.

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