Share your schedule

Subscribe to your MyTime schedule from a private calendar, for example Outlook calendar or Google calendar, to help manage your work-life balance. Share the link with someone else to give them access to your schedule.

NOTE   Subscribing to your calendar from a calendar app gives the calendar app the possibility to load your schedule from MyTime. How often the calendar app loads the schedule depends on the calendar app and cannot be changed in MyTime. This means that if your schedule is changed, it might take time before this change is shown in your calendar app, if it only loads changes for example once a day.


  • You have the MyTime > Share calendar permission.

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Subscribe to your schedule from a calendar app

Subscribe to your work schedule from a private calendar app or set this up for your spouse or a friend that you want to share your schedule with.

  1. Click your name to open the menu and select Settings.
  2. Select the Share my calendar check box.
  3. Copy the calendar URL.
  4. Load the schedule to your calendar app. Choose an instruction below depending on which calendar app you use.
    • Google Calendar

      In Google Calendar, under Other Calendars choose Add by URL. Paste the shortened calendar URL and click Add calendar.

      NOTE   If this does not work, shorten the URL (see instruction below) and try again with the shortened URL.

    • Android devices

      Use Google Calendar as described above.

    • iPhone

      Under Settings choose Email, Contacts and Calendars. Click Add Account, select Other, then under Calendars select Add Subscription Calendar. Paste the calendar URL, click Next and then Done.

    • Outlook 2019/2016/2013 Calendar

      Go to Calendar. From Home tab, choose Open Calendar and then From Internet. Paste the calendar URL and click OK.

    • Outlook 2010 Calendar

      Go to Calendar. In Folder tab, choose Open Calendar and then From Internet. Paste the calendar URL and click OK.

    • Outlook 2007 Calendar

      In the Tools menu, click Account Settings. Choose the Internet Calendars tab and click New.... Paste the calendar URL and click Add. Give the calendar a name and description and click OK.

Shorten the calendar URL

To subscribe to your schedule from Google Calendar or Android devices, you sometimes need to shorten the URL.

  1. Copy the URL from MyTime according to the instruction above.
  2. Search online to find a URL minifier. It can also be called URL shortener.
  3. Paste the URL in the field and click Shorten (or the equivalent).
  4. Copy the shortened URL
  5. Paste it in the settings of Google Calendar or your Android device according to the instructions above.

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