View your badges

You receive badges for performing well and achieving the goals defined within your organization. When you receive a badge, you will get a message to inform you about which badge it was and in what area. View the badges you receive to understand where you are performing well, where you can improve and how you perform compared to others.

New badges are distributed every night for measures that are based on data within WFM; number of answered calls, average handling time and ready-time adherence. Distribution of these badges are based on the performance the day before yesterday.

For measures that are based on data from external systems, badges are distributed when this data is imported.

Badges are gathered for weekly or monthly periods, or until they are cleared manually by the administrators.

Video Overview: How do I improve? (length 05:18)


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the MyTime > View badge permission.
  • At least one measure is chosen for your team and what to achieve to receive a badge is set.

Page location

WFM > MyTime > Badges


Show badge details

A summary of your badges for the current period is shown in the bar at the top, next to your name.

  • Click the badge summary to show detailed information on for which areas you have received badges.
  • If a weekly or monthly period is used, the results are shown by week or month. The date period is displayed above the detailed badge information. Use the arrows to navigate between periods.

View the leaderboard

View the leaderboard to see the top performers and how you compare.

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