Handle messages

Handle the messages you receive in the Messages view. There are two types of messages.

  • Messages written and sent to you by a supervisor or planner. Confirm that you have read it and give a reply if needed.
  • Automatic messages. These messages inform you that you for example have received a badge, received a shift trade request from another agent or that your absence request has been approved.

Video Overview: Messages and Notifications (length 01:49)


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the MyTime > Agent schedule messenger permission.

Page location

WFM > MyTime > Messages


Read a message

Read the message you receive and confirm that you have read it.

  1. Click on the message to read the full message. If the message is about a request, go to the Requests view for more detailed information.
  2. Click OK to confirm that you have read the message.

    NOTE   The message is deleted when you confirm that you have read it. To minimize the message without deleting it, click it again.

Reply to a message

Messages from supervisors or planners sometimes require a reply from you.

  1. Click on the message to read the full message.
  2. Enter your reply. Depending on the type of message, reply by typing a message, by clicking Yes or No or by clicking the option you prefer in a list.
  3. Click OK to send your reply.

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