Bid on shift patterns

Bid on the shift patterns you prefer on the Shift bidding tab. Select the preferred shift patterns and rank them. The shift patterns are then assigned according to the agents' rank. What the rank is based on can be different in different organizations.

Select and rank enough shift patterns to ensure that you are assigned a shift pattern that is among the ones that you have selected. The number of shift patterns you must rank is stated for the active bid process.

For some shift patterns there can be several available spots.

EXAMPLE   If you need to rank 10 shift patterns, you might for example select one shift pattern with 7 available spots and 3 additional shift patterns with one available spot each.

Video Overview: Shift bidding (length 03:28)


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the MyTime permission and the underlying Shift bidding permission.
  • There is an active bid process for your team.

Page location

WFM > MyTime > Shift bidding tab



When the bid process is in the preview phase, you can see all the available patterns and your bid position.

  • Review the patterns and discuss with family and friends to prepare for the bidding.

Bid on shift patterns

When the bid process is active, rank the available patterns and place your bid.

  1. Click Place bids for the active bid process.
  2. Look at the unranked patterns and decide which shift patterns you prefer.

    If there are many patterns, filter the list of unranked patterns to easily find your preferred shifts. Click Show filters and select your preferred days off or your preferred start time.

  3. Click the star for the patterns you prefer. The progress bar above the shift patterns show how many Ranked patterns you have, and how many shift patterns you need to rank for you to be sure that you will get one of the shift patterns you have ranked. The number of patterns you need to rank is based on your personal rank.
  4. Drag and drop the ranked patterns to your preferred order. The pattern at the top is the pattern you want the most.

    NOTE   You can change your placed bid up until the last day of the bid period.

Follow up on your bid

When the bid process is over and the administrator has finalized the bid process, the Shift bidding tab in MyTime shows the shift pattern that was assigned to you. The number under Choice is the position in which you ranked this pattern. If it says Forced, it means that you were assigned a shift pattern that was not on your list of ranked patterns.

The Schedule start date is the date from when you will be scheduled according this shift pattern.

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