Schedule your own work hours

Schedule your own work hours with the self-scheduling functionality.

The self-scheduling functionality is available in the MyTime week view and in the day view on the mobile app. Select to add hours and then adjust the duration and move the work hours to the position you want by drag and drop.

Your organization controls for which period you can add hours. Hours cannot be added on days off.

The staffing levels affect for what times you can add hours. The staffing bar next to the shift is green where it is more likely for your hours to be approved. If several of the selected intervals are yellow, a message is shown to inform you that you might not be able to add hours for the selected part of the day. If you still can depends on the balance between green and yellow intervals, and where any lunch and short breaks are placed.

Time periods which are not available to add hours to at all are indicated with diagonal stripes. If you hover the hours to add over a period that is not available, a message is shown to explain why you can't add hours there. This could be for example because it would break the nightly rest.

Short breaks or lunch breaks might be added automatically if you exceed a defined number of work hours. This limit is set by your organization. If you have reached the number of hours where a lunch break is added, this is shown in a message within the block of time to add.

Video Overview: Add Hours (length 02:48)


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.
  • You have the MyTime > Self-scheduling permission and the underlying Add hours permission.
  • The schedule is published for the period where you want to add hours.
  • Forecasts are generated for your skills.

Page location

WFM > MyTime > Schedule tab


Add hours

Add your own work hours when it is suitable for you. Work hours can only be added if there is a staffing need for a large enough part of the time that you add. The staffing bar indicates where staffing is needed.

NOTE   A few yellow intervals on the bar might not block you from adding work hours, as long as you have enough green intervals to balance them, or if a lunch or short break can be placed at the times of the yellow intervals.

  1. Click the pen button for the day where you want to add hours. A pop-up view opens.
  2. Click the Add hours button.
  3. A block of time is shown. Click in the middle of it to drag the whole block to a different time, or use the handles to move the start or end time.
  4. Click Add hours.

    If the hours to add pass all validations, a message is shown that it is approved and the hours are added to your schedule.

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