View your performance reports

Use the MyReport dashboard and the other reports to view your performance and how it has changed over time.

With access to data for your team or site, you can use the reports to view the performance for your team or site. You can also access the leaderboard to see who the top performers that receive the highest number of badges are and how you compare.

Video Overview: How do I view my performance? (length 03:46)


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the MyTime permission.
  • You have the MyTime > MyReport permission for access to a dashboard with six measures on your performance.
  • You have the MyTime > View badge leaderboard permission to see who the top performers are.
  • You have the Reports permission and permission to one or more underlying reports to view on your and your team's performance.

Page location

WFM > MyTime > Reports


Use the MyReport performance dashboard

Use MyReport to view your performance for today.

  • Click Reports and select MyReport. A dashboard with six measures is shown.
    • Ready-time adherence (%)—Measures how well you adhere to your schedule on an interval level.
    • Ready time / Scheduled ready time (%)—Compares how long you have been logged in and in a ready state with how long you were scheduled to be in a ready state. Ready states are when you are for example waiting for a call, in a call or doing wrap up of a call. This measure does not consider when during the day the ready time was.
    • Average handling time (s)—The average time it takes for you to handle a call, from answering to finishing the after call work.
    • Average talk time (s)—How long you talk to customers on average.
    • Average after call work (s)—The average time you spent on the wrap up of a call.
    • Answered calls—The number of calls you have answered today.
  • Click any measure for more detailed information. In the detailed view, use the date picker or the arrows to follow up on your performance historically.

NOTE   There is no detailed view for the Ready time / Scheduled ready time measure.

View the leaderboard

View the leaderboard to see the top performers and how you compare.

  • Click Reports and select Gamification leaderboard. The leaderboard is shown with your team as the default selection.

    If a weekly or monthly period is used, the leaderboard is shown per week or month. The date period is then displayed above the leaderboard. Use the arrows to navigate between periods.

  • Click the team selection menu and select another team to show the leaderboard for another team of agents or select Everyone to see the leaderboard for all agents you have permission to see. The leaderboard is immediately re-sorted based on your selection.

NOTE   The agents on the leaderboard are primarily sorted by the number of gold badges, secondly by the number of silver badges and after that by the number of bronze badges. Only agents who have received at least one badge are shown on the leaderboard.

Use reports to follow up on your and your team's performance

Use the reports made available to you to view your and your team's performance.

  • Click Reports and select a report in the list.
  • For more information on the specific report you select, see WFM standard reports.

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