What's new

These release notes list new features and bug fixes for Calabrio ONE.

NOTE   On April 2, 2024, we will deprecate TLS 1.1 and weak SSL/TLS 1.2 ciphers. For more information, see Security Update: TLS 1.1 and weak SSL/TLS 1.2 ciphers will be deprecated.

NOTE   These release notes do not contain content for Classic WFM. Release content for Classic WFM is available on the User Documentation page in the Calabrio Success Center.

Feature preview

Time zone management for absence requests: A future update will affect the way you manage absences in Workflow Control Set. Moving forward, you will be able to set open start and end times based in UTC for future absence periods. This change increases fairness for organizations that manage agents' absences across multiple time zones.

EXAMPLE   If you are creating a new absence period with a 3PM EST start time, you will now set it to 8PM UTC. With this UTC setting, agents in EST can start requesting absences at 3PM EST while an agent in Central European Time (CET) can start requesting absences at 9PM CET.

When it is released, this new feature will affect any period that has already been created but is not yet open. It will not affect absence periods that are already opened. You do not need to do anything with existing workflow control sets for this feature to take effect.