Here’s what happened in Calabrio ONE in August 2021.

Product features and enhancements

We added these new features and enhancements to Calabrio ONE in August 2021.

Call Recording and QM

Updated support for NPCAP (August 24): The Smart Desktop Client now installs NPCAP version 1.31 by default. You can specify older and newer versions, including version 1.5, during configuration.

API for reconciliation jobs (August 24): The new “Jobs” API gives tenant and system administrators information about the status of current reconciliation jobs and details about past jobs.

Smarter STUN/TURN Server field (August 17): On the QM Global Settings page, a STUN/TURN server is no longer required for integrations that don’t use one.

More resilient reconciliation (August 17): We’ve improved reconciliation so that a single misconfigured user no longer halts the whole process.

Resolved issues

These tables list the issues that we fixed in each release in August. The most recent release is first.

August 31 (build 948)

There are no resolved issues in this release.

August 24 (build 947)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Capture and Upload

(Cisco CJP integrations) Screen recording chunks were not merging into valid recordings. As a result, screens were not uploading, chunks files stuck in the chunks directory were filling up disk space, and the video upload state was blank for the majority of calls.



Contact Search

Contact searches were running slowly for customers in Calabrio’s US East region.

August 17 (build 944)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Contact Import

The contact import API was not importing contacts as expected. Imports were getting flagged with an import reason of -8 and thus being deleted. We no longer validate if a user was active at the start of the call import. The existing logic for deactivation validation and record audio permission validation remain in place.

August 10 (build 943)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Screen Recordings

Short-duration screen recordings were being saved with errors that caused new recordings to be deleted before they were uploaded.

August 3 (build 941)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Language Options

There was no difference in the UI text between North American Spanish and European Spanish. There was also no difference between US English and UK English. This fix consolidates the language options into a single Spanish option and a single English option.




Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect gamification scores to display.



Device Associations

(Avaya integrations) Users were seeing the error message, “Users cannot be assigned to more than one device” when attempting to change any configurations on the Device Associations page.



Two-Stage Upload

Fixed an issue that was leaving recordings on the client computer, requiring users to use the “download on demand” feature to play them.