Here’s what happened in Calabrio ONE in July 2021.

Product features and enhancements

We added these new features and enhancements to Calabrio ONE in July 2021.

Call Recording and QM

Updated media encryption (July 27): The Smart Desktop Client and Voice Record Server now use AES-256 to encrypt all new audio, screen, and Analytics capture media files that are recorded by Calabrio ONE. This update replaces our previous AES-128 encryption for media files. Recordings that existed before the July 27 release will remain encrypted with AES-128. All existing recordings using AES-128 will still be accessible for playback and export.

NOTE   You must update the Smart Desktop Client and the Data Server to version to receive this enhancement.

Smarter contact creation (July 20): When Calabrio ONE imports contacts, it now checks to make sure that the agent associated with the call was active at the start of the call and is configured for voice recording if the contact contains audio. This enhancement prevents issues that can arise in CCaaS environments where zero-duration contacts can be created for deactivated agents.

Easier decryption (July 20): The Data Server and Smart Desktop Client can now decrypt 128 and 256 files without a separate installation step.

Better handling of sporadic network connection problems (July 20): If the Calabrio ONE data collection framework has trouble connecting to the Calabrio ONE App Server, it now immediately attempts to connect three times in quick succession. If all three attempts fail, Calabrio ONE will throw a single error message and stop trying to connect. This enhancement cuts down on the number of notifications customers receive in the event of network hiccups.

Improved Call Length fields (July 20): On the QM Global Settings page, it’s now easier to manually enter times that start with “0” in the Minimum Call Length and Maximum Call Length fields.

New color scheme on Recordings page (July 13): To make the Recordings page consistent with the rest of the website, we’ve changed the header from blue to gray.


Delete multiple planned meetings at the same time (July 7): From the Agenda view on the Meetings page, you can now delete multiple sessions at once.

Enhanced Adherence report (July 7): The Adherence Per Agent report now includes these metrics: shift time, late to work time (hh:mm:ss), overall time in adherence (hh:mm:ss), overall time out of adherence (hh:mm:ss), and overall neutralized time (hh:mm:ss).

Improved shifts after actions (July 7): After you make adjustments to schedules on the Schedules page (which is currently in preview mode), shifts now look nicer and are easier to work with within the Windows client. This enhancement makes it easier for companies that rely on the Windows client to adopt the Schedules page.

Schedule history / audit trail available on Schedules page (July 7): You can now see the schedule history / audit trail, including which action was done with each change, directly from the web on the new Schedules page (which is currently in preview mode).

Remove skills from agents (July 7): With the correct permission, you can now remove one or more skills from agents on the People page. The change is applied from a date you specify and onwards. You can track these skill changes in the General Audit Trail report.

Open PDF reports in a new tab (July 7): When running a standard report as a PDF, you can now choose whether the report should open in a new browser tab or be downloaded.

Click outside the input box to save meeting intervals between full and half hours (July 7): You can now save meeting intervals between full and half hours by clicking outside the input box. This option joins the previous options for setting meeting times: pressing the Enter or Tab key.

Set Workflow Control Set on the People page (July 7): With the correct permission, you can now set the Workflow Control Set for agents on the People page. You can track these changes in the General Audit Trail report.

Drag and drop to change existing absences (July 7): You can now modify absences on the Schedules page with drag and drop. Easily adjust a partial-day absence into a full-day absence, and vice versa.

Data Explorer and Advanced Reporting

Beginner’s guide to Data Explorer Reports (July 15): This text guide helps people new to Data Explorer understand and start using reports.

Resolved issues

These tables list the issues that we fixed in each release in July. The most recent release is first.

July 27 (build 939)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Desktop Capture

If an agent had a browser tab open but not in focus and that tab automatically logged the agent out and attempted to reload, Desktop Analytics would show a mismatch between the information in the URL field and Title field.



Legacy Reports

Data in the Agent Contact Detail report was appearing under the wrong headers.




The Abstract Historical Data Collector would occasionally fail when it was initialized, resulting in errors after uploading CDRs.




DB Cleaner was failing often and stuck deleting from the CDR table, causing upload issues with CDR data.

July 20 (build 937)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Login Screen

A tenant administrator who was associated with multiple customer accounts was seeing the error message “Login failure” on the login screen after successfully changing their password.

38840 / 42364


Contact Import

Root screen recordings with no associated agent were displaying as “pending upload” in the UI when they had actually been deleted.

July 13 (build 933)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description


Data Explorer

Reports, Widgets, and Dashboards

If users were running Data Explorer reports in a timezone other than their organization’s default, the offered call volume reported in Data Explorer did not match the information in the WFM Queue Statistics report before the user clicked Save.



Device Sync

(Avaya integrations) New phones were not appearing on the Device Associations page.




Some comments on evaluation forms were not appearing in Data Explorer.




Users were unable to delete a saved report that included the character “” in the title.



Screen and Audio Recordings

Fixed an issue that prevented some chunked calls from uploading if the agent logged out before the upload was completed.



Screen Recording

Fixed an issue where old or corrupted files were preventing new chunked screen recordings from uploading.

July 7 (WFM v. 639.280)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description




In some cases, users encountered a problem navigating to Meetings.




In some cases, absence probability was only showing half of the day.




The header in the report based on the Groups page showed “Agents” twice.




Users encountered a graphical issue when selecting absence types using Firefox.



Windows Client

In some cases, super administrators could not restore write-protected schedules.



Windows Client

In some cases, users were encountering an error in the People module when using copy/paste special.



Windows Client

Users encountered an error when using the mouse with horizontal scroll.



Windows Client

Block scheduling was not working if agents had several personal activities in the week.



Windows Client

A second full-day absence would not replace the first full-day absence if users did not check the “full day” box.