Here’s what happened in Calabrio ONE in June 2021.

Product features and enhancements

We added these new features and enhancements to Calabrio ONE in June 2021.

Call Recording and QM

Improved handling of hoteling agents (June 29): We’ve made some backend changes to how we handle hoteling agents, ensuring that contacts handled by these agents are consistently recorded.

Notification for disconnected servers (June 29): The “dataServerServiceMissedHeartbeat” notification alerts you when a CTI Server, SIPREC Recording Server, or Recording Server has been disconnected from the wfoadapter server for more than ten minutes. Subscribe to this and all other notifications on the Notifications page (Application Management > Monitoring > Notifications).

Autocomplete for Evaluation Form filter (June 22): On the Recordings page, the Evaluation Form filter now includes autocomplete. Start typing the name of a form, and suggestions appear. This enhancement is especially helpful for organizations with a large number of evaluation forms.

Updated Google Chrome extension (June 22): The Calabrio Analytics Plug-in version includes more logging and an option to create generic events that our CCaaS integration partners can send and receive using Calabrio ONE-automated and agent-triggered recording pause and resume controls. This extension is updated automatically. Users and Calabrio ONE administrators do not need to do anything to use the new extension.

Improvements to Voice Record Server (June 15): We’ve increased the number of agents that can be recorded at one time on a Voice Record Server and made some general performance improvements to the Voice Record Server and Smart Desktop Capture.

Support for additional SRTP ciphers (June 8): For integrations using SIP and SRTP, Calabrio ONE now supports ciphers AEAD_AES_256_GCM and AEAD_AES_128_GCM.


Remove absences in Schedules (June 2): You can now remove absences in Schedules (preview). With this change, you can now manage all absence-related tasks in this new tool.

Replace existing absences in Schedules (June 2): You can now change from one absence type to another in Schedules (preview), making it easier to correct added absences.

See supporting employee information (June 2): You can now look up employees’ Site/Team, Contract, and Skill information in Schedules (preview). This makes it faster to check various details before changing a shift.

Access the Daily schedule view by clicking on the day's schedule (June 2): Agents can now open the daily schedule view by clicking on the shift for that day. From this view, they can move breaks or lunches with self-scheduling and easily request absences. This change gives agents an easier and more pleasant experience.

Better handling of absences when there is a blocked activity (June 2): Agents using the new interface for absence requests now get direct feedback if there is a blocked activity in their schedule. They cannot submit an absence on top of a blocked activity. This change makes it easier for agents to understand where an absence can be submitted. Blocked activities are configured in a Workflow Control set.

Improved access to request view in weekly schedule (June 2): Agents can now open the request view in the weekly schedule by clicking on a PLUS button at the top of the schedule for the day.

Custom view for columns in People (June 2): Users can now choose which columns to display in People. Calabrio ONE remembers the chosen columns for next time.

Show Identity and Application logins when working with Access Management (June 2): Users with permission for Access Management now see Identity and Application logins as columns in the Access view in People. This makes it easier to see users’ current configurations.

Easier to select time from drop down (June 2): The list of start or end times for actions is now in sync with the layer you select in the schedule. This makes it more pleasant to do various actions in Schedules (preview).

Optional columns visible in Custom view (June 2): The Custom view on the People page now includes optional columns.

Introducing Meetings, the new web tool for planning and scheduling meetings (June 2): With Meetings, you can quickly and easily select and schedule individuals and groups for trainings and meetings, both one-offs and recurring sessions. This is a preview and does not contain all features yet. With the first release, you can schedule single and recurring meetings at a fixed time. You can also edit and delete single occurrences without breaking the series. Help out by trying it and tell us what you think!

NOTE   Meetings must be enabled in Permissions before people can use it.

New Meetings available from Teams (June 2): With the new Meetings, you can add, edit, and delete ad-hoc meetings and training from Teams. Working from Teams makes it easy to see the best time to place a meeting in an existing schedule.

Remember my selection (June 2): Reports now remember your last selection.

Improved mobile experience for new absence request view (June 2): We have improved the user experience for requesting absences in the new day view on a mobile device. The Submit button and “Full day absence” toggle are now always visible at the bottom, making them easier to find and use.

Find one agent and do one action (June 2): You can now easily search for one agent, find them, and do one action. This makes Schedules (preview) faster to use when you want to report one agent absent.

Improved accuracy for BPO Exchange with email skills (June 2): The gap exported with BPO Exchange is now more accurate for email skills with longer SLAs. This helps improve staffing coverage for BPO Exchange users.

Add Absence assumes full-day absence if it covers the entire shift (June 2): Calabrio ONE now automatically adds an absence that covers an entire shift as a full-day absence. Agents no longer have to click “Yes, I'd like it to be a full day please,” which will save time.

Move between days in daily schedule view (June 2): You can now move between days in the new day view for self-scheduling and absence requests. This makes it easier to do changes on more than one day.

Improved accessibility on Shift trade board and Shift trade request (June 2): We have made Shift Trade Board and Shift Trade Requests much more accessible for people using either only the keyboard or screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Easier to work with agents in other timezones (June 2): We have improved multiple actions to work better with agents in faraway time zones.

Data Explorer and Advanced Reporting

Enhanced formula editor for dashboard parameters (June 29): The redesigned editor gives you easy access to formula builders, error checking, and more, making it easier to create dashboards. It is similar to the current formula editor in the report design tool.

Redesigned My Schedule widget (June 15): We’ve redesigned the My Schedule widget with a new, more modern look and feel and improved user experience. The redesigned widget is available for Calabrio customers with New WFM.

Resolved issues

These tables list the issues that we fixed in each release in June. The most recent release is first.

June 29 (build 932)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description




An earlier bug fix removed an expected logging configuration. This fix returns the logging configuration to its original state.



Signaling Servers

A primary signal/capture server stayed active and continued to receive recordings after being put into maintenance mode.

June 22 (build 929)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description



Predictive Analytics

Predictive evaluation and net promoter score tasks were failing to start because Calabrio ONE Analytics was not able to connect to an SQL port other than the default port. This fix adds the ability to use a non-default SQL port for Predictive Analytics.



Group and Team Import

Users were seeing the error message, “Cannot assign scope group because it’s not in your scope” when attempting to import groups and teams with the same name. This fix standardizes the validation for imported groups and teams and provides a more useful error message.



Device Associations

Customers in Calabrio’s US West region were seeing a large “i” icon on the Device Associations page.

June 15 (build 928)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description




(Avaya integrations) Transferred and conference calls were not reconciling correctly. This fix continues work from last week’s release.

June 8 (build 927)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description




(Avaya integrations) Transferred and conference calls were not reconciling correctly.



Screen Recording

(Five9 integrations) The “chunkstorecording” task was not completing correctly, resulting in screen recordings occasionally missing for whole days for some agents.

June 2 (WFM v. 635.4030)

Issue Component Subcomponent Issue Description




The Update_date column for Fact_Forecast_Workload was not updating.




Low values were displaying for reforecasted agents for Skill group in Intraday.




Users had problems opening Excel files when using Danish as their language.




Report dates always showed one day in the future.




No data was appearing in reports based on optional columns.




Custom reports were not working after WFM updated to the version with the new look of standard reports.




The Finnish date format was not correct.




Adding a part-day absence on a day without a shift might fail if the agent was in zero or negative UTC.




Errors that occurred on SDK when using UpdatePerson led to SDK down.




Errors were occurring in SDK UpdatePerson when using custom culture.




An error occurred on SDK when using UpdatePerson in one case.




Improved the display of actions with very specific permissions.




Sometimes teams would show agents where the user did not have teams permissions.



Windows Client

The system would freeze if users used the Delete button when deleting rule sets in wcs.