Display and edit user information

Click Display for a user in People to show information about the user's employment, team and skills. In this view you can update the user's name, email address and employment number. This is also where you adjust the employment start date and where you enter the leaving date if the user is leaving the company.

If the agent has participated in a bid process, their current shift pattern is shown.

All changes made in the web People tool are logged. Check the General Audit Trail report to see what changes were made, by who and when.


  • You have the Web > People permission and if needed additional underlying permissions.

    • View employment number to see a user’s or agent’s employment number.
    • View users to see users who are not connected to a team.
    • Edit basic person information to change the name, email address, employment number, employment start date, workflow control set or work week start.
    • Manage leaving date to enter or remove a leaving date.
  • Users or agents are added.

Page location

WFM > People > Display


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