End an employment for WFM

Handle employees that end their employment correctly to ensure that they are not scheduled after their last day of work and that they cannot log in after their employment has ended.

Define a leaving date instead of deleting the employee to keep the person history up to a certain extent. This is important to cover all data in reporting, including the data of agents who have left the company.

When you save the leaving date, all agent-related schedule data is removed immediately for dates after the leaving date. This includes all scheduled shifts, absences, entered preferences and availabilities. The logon credentials are purged seven days after the leaving date of a user or agent. This makes it easier to re-use credentials if needed.

The data retention time frames in your installation can be configured on agreement with Calabrio to automatically pseudonymize agents a certain number of months after their leaving date. The agent can also be automatically deleted a define number of years after the leaving date.

The standard purge settings for new installations is to pseudonymize personal data after three months and delete the employees that has left the company three years after their leaving date. This time frame is a balance between usability and legitimate purpose on one hand and the agents’ right to privacy and deletion on the other. If needed, the purge settings can be adjusted with the help of Calabrio support or a Calabrio business partner.

An agent that has been pseudonymized will not be re-activated by removal of the leaving date nor seen in reports.

For more information on how to manage personal data and handle data subject requests in relation to GDPR, see Manage personal data in Calabrio ONE.


  • You have the People > Can change and save permission.

Page location

Client > People > General tab


End an employment

  1. Define a Leaving date for the agent or user who is ending their employment. The leaving date is defined as the last day of work.
  2. Follow the steps at Manage personal data in Calabrio ONE to deactivate the user.

NOTE   All schedule data for dates after the leaving date is deleted immediately.

Find an agent or user that has left their employment

You can find an agent or user who has left their employment if the number of months after the leaving date when the agent’s or user’s data is pseudonymized have not yet passed.

  1. Open the Find function from the People main portal.
  2. Enter the agent’s or user’s name or for example the employment number.
  3. Select a date that is before the user’s or agent’s leaving date.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. To re-activate the agent, delete the leaving date.

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