General Audit Trail report

View what changes were made, when and by whom. You can search by either who made the change or in which context the change was made. The general audit trail tracks the following changes:

  • Granting or revoking roles in the People tool on web.
  • Changing the application or identity logon in the People tool on web.
  • Changing user information in the People tool on web.
  • Importing new employees using the file import.
  • Changing the default values for the new employee import.
  • Import staffing from external suppliers via the BPO Exchange functionality.
  • Removing imported staffing from external suppliers.
  • Importing or copying schedules from one scenario to another.
  • Approving an agent's occurrence of out of adherence as in adherence.
  • Adjusting the adherence to neutral for all agents.

The report answers questions like:

  • Who granted the Team leader role to Ashley?
  • Has any new employees been imported this week?
  • When was the staffing from the external supplier imported?
  • Who approved John's late arrival as In adherence?
  • Changes in access management in the People module in the client are not shown in the General audit trail report.
  • Schedule changes are tracked in the Schedule Audit Trail report

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