Insights tool

The WFM Insights tool is an advanced reporting tool. It makes it possible to look at data from different perspectives, in different combinations and to drill down into details in different areas of interest. The Insights tool empowers you to gain intelligent insights, follow up on goals and make dynamic decisions through interactive, flexible and customized WFM reporting.

This cloud-based tool is fueled by Azure Analysis Services, MS Power BI embedded, and based on a tabular model.

The report contents are user-defined and based on a set of dimensions and measures available in the model. You can choose to display the data in many ways with the help of visualizations such as charts, tree maps, matrices, tables and gauges.

The Insights data model can be used as a source to your company's Power BI Desktop application.

The data in Insights is based on the same data mart that the standard reports are using, and this data is processed into a tabular model database.

NOTE   The Insights module requires the optional Insights license and is available for Azure cloud installations.

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