View reports in Insights

Get an overview of the reports created in Insights and find the report to view.

The reports are sorted into three different categories and listed by them in tabs.

  • Private reports—the reports created by you.
  • Shared reports—the reports that other users have created and shared.
  • All reports—a list of all created reports, which is only available to users with the Super administrator role.

The language and the date format in Insights are controlled by the logged-in user's format setting in WFM. The selected format setting for the logged-in user also controls the thousand delimiter format used for integers, for example space or comma.


  • You have the Insights permission.
  • The Insights license is applied. It is only available for Azure cloud installations.

Page location

WFM > Insights


Use the report overview

  1. Select a tab to list the reports in that category.
  2. Click a column header to sort the list of reports; Name or Created by.
  3. Click the Filter icon in the status column to filter the list by shared or locked reports.
  4. Use the plus sign next to the report title to see details on Created date, Updated on, and Updated by.

View a report

Each report is user-defined and therefore there will be a variation of functions available in the view mode for a specific report. Typically, there are possibilities to drill down and use different filters.

  1. Click the report name to open the report in view mode.
  2. Click Show in full screen in the upper right corner to view the report in full screen. Use the Escape key to exit from the full screen mode.

NOTE   The default setting for all visuals is to only show items with data. For example, if you are viewing answered calls per interval in a table, only intervals where there are answered calls are shown. Intervals without answered calls are not listed according to the default setting. When you design a report, you can choose to display objects without data as well.

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