Add dimensions

Add one or several dimensions to a visualization to form your own report. There are different ways to add a dimension to a visualization, described in the procedures below.

See About dimensions and attributes for more information on dimensions. See About measures in combination with dimensions for more information on how to combine dimensions with measures.


  • You have the Insights > Create/edit report permission.

Page location

WFM > Insights


Add dimensions

  1. Select a dimension from the Fields panel. Use the search at the top of the panel to quickly find the one you are looking for.
  2. Use one of the following ways to add the dimension to a visualization.

    • Drag the dimension directly to a visualization on a page.
    • Drag the dimension to an empty spot of the page to create a new visualization. Select another visualization type to easily change the type of visualization.
    • Drag the dimension to a particular field in the Visualizations panel, for example a row or a column field. It is possible to a add several dimensions to the same field. Move the dimensions up and down to adjust the order of the dimensions.
    • Select the check box to the left of the dimension. If a visualization is selected, the measure shows up there. If no visualization is selected, a new visualization is automatically created. Select another visualization type to easily change the type of visualization.
  3. Click Save.

Remove a dimension from a visualization

  1. Select the visualization to edit.
  2. In the Visualizations panel, find the value field and the dimension to remove.
  3. Click the X button to the right of the dimension.
  4. Click Save.